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Acne Bootcamp

Kim has been a Certified Acne Specialist through Face Reality since 2013. She has helped hundreds of clients to clear their acne and maintain skin health. She believes in a wholistic approach to acne. Your journey with her will begin with an inclusive consultation that will cover everything from lifestyle to nutrition to skincare options. Once the initial consultation is done and you are accepted into the Acne Bootcamp program**, you will be given a suggested treatment plan to follow and then you are on your way to clear skin!

Kim firmly believes that the most important steps in this process are trust and communication. She will be available to you for continued support and questions throughout your journey and beyond. In fact, she still regularly orders product and answers questions for clients from over 10 years ago!

If you are frustrated and feel that you have tried everything, are one step away from Accutane, or are trying to manage your acne with birth control but it's not working, schedule a consultation today!

Cost: $125 for Consultation; Please budget an additional $200-$300 for product as well as $200-$300 for treatments. Consultations can be in-person or virtual (if you are not located in Northern Nevada). 

Time: 45 minutes

How Often?: Acne treatments are often scheduled weekly or bi-weekly. Exact suggestions will be covered at the end of your consultation

Who Is It For? Anyone suffering from acne or acne scarring.

Is It Painful? No! During the acne treatments, there may be slight tingling or the sensation of "activity" but no pain.

Book A Consultation Now

How to prepare:

  • Please arrive for your consultation with clean skin.
  • It is incredibly helpful if you have the brand/name of your current skincare and birth control (if applicable) handy.
  • Remember, achieving skincare goals takes time and commitment. There is no such thing as overnight success. 

I can't wait to work with you and see what we can accomplish together!

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